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IMG_1017Namaste seekers of Tantra wisdom, I’m Deborah. My love and commitment to my own personal healing and energetic freeing of my body has given me the ability to offer and ask you to open to the amazing possibility of living in your true beautiful essence and desire.

I have travelled extensively for many years studying various spiritual and healing traditions with energetic masters, experiencing great heights and depths. I have run several businesses and worked in the corporate world.

I am a professional mystic, psychic and artist.

A sacred space session may involve elements of conscious communication, boundary work, energetic release work, meditations, breathwork, mother/father/ancestral wounds, attachments, body positivity, body touch, shadow work, chakra balancing, inner expansion, vibrational healing and tantric massage also known as Yoni/ Lingham healing.

Benefits: Increased confidence, self-esteem, self-concept, emotional clarity, sense of self, strengthening of boundaries, improvement in relationships, understanding of intimacy, sensual awareness, greater control of what you want.

Self Investment: €50 / 1.5 hours in my studio in Ansiao 

Lisbon/ Sintra €120

I am financially supported when you invest in my sessions, for which I am super grateful.